Continuous research and development have always been part of our philosophy. In this way, we manage to remain at the forefront of the latest textile and clothing manufacturing innovations, ensuring a high level of quality in each phase of the production processes.


To be as sustainable as possible in the dyeing process, we have developed our own patented sustainable dyeing technique: Greendyes™. It’s a 100% natural, organic method with unprecedented results in terms of colours uniformity and resistance in organic dyes.

The process, which has made us leaders in the performance of this type of dye, generates:

Thanks to Greendyes™, we have managed to optimise the consumption of resources, achieving a unique result:


Play the Best is a project aimed at developing sports fabrics and state-of-the-art technical garments with specific features for elite sports: CrossFit, yoga, golf, winter sports and water sports. Various techniques can be applied to achieve the best garments for each result: seamless technology and cut & sew with compression fabrics.
The Play the Best project allows us to innovate in the field of sport and competition, developing new technical sports fabrics and garments, for activewear and yogawear:

P&H Shields

At Nextil Group, we continue to constantly innovate in the properties of our fabrics. We are now more aware than ever of the importance of hygiene and the protection of our health, hence why we have created the Protective & Hygienic Shield concept, a revolutionary medical fabric.

Based off this concept, we have developed fabrics and products that effectively protect against the action of external agents. By having hypoallergenic properties that comply with Oeko-Tex standards, they do not produce any type of reaction on the skin and allow these technical fabrics to be used for any type of garment.

The P&H Shield fabrics:

We achieve this by applying a metal-free static biocide for antimicrobial protection and a liquid repellent that reduces the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Lycra® MYFIT™

LYCRA® MyFit™ is a milestone in the field of stretch fibre fabrics, especially in sportswear or lingerie. This fabric provides advanced stretch properties for a custom fit without compromising on comfort or support.

Among its many benefits, garments made with the LYCRA® MyFit™fibre:


Nextil Group, as sports and elastic fabrics supplier, in collaboration with The Lycra Company— presents an exclusive collection of sports fabrics that is certified by Lycra® Sport Technology.

The four benefits sought after for sportswear are: flexibility, comfort, support and fit. In order to adequately measure these characteristics, we use three indices that allow us to assess the garments:

Each type of sport, and even each phase of training, requires a type of fabric that behaves in a particular way. These types of indices allow us to know exactly how the fabric responds and whether it adapts to the unique characteristics of the activity to be carried out.