We can supply both fabrics and garments for each of our five specialised divisions: Luxury, Sports, Intimate & Shapewear, and Medical. Throughout their work, each of those categories faithfully follow our core values of high quality and innovation, that define us as a textile group with a strong focus on sustainability.


The complexity of the garments, our meticulous work, the detail of unique finishes, and the control and supervision of flawless work are just some of the aspects we are passionate about, and which has made us a reference in the luxury garment production sector. The high fashion apparel industry requires a level of technique and precision that only clothing and garment manufacturer experts can attain.

We work with creativity, innovation and accuracy throughout the value chain. Always adapting to the demands of our clients to be the luxury clothing manufacturer they need.

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The sports division pursues maximum performance and comfort in all levels of athletic performance. We specialise in the seamless technology, which includes both fabric design and garment manufacturing at the same time, as well as compression fabrics, that we apply to develop state-of-the-art garments.

In our R&D Department, we work in the constant search for new fabrics that can adapt to the specifications required by different types of training and competition, as well as each particular sport. As an activewear and yogawear producer, our main objective is clear: creating garments that help the athletes achieving their goal.


The swimwear division requires in-depth knowledge of techniques and fabrics, specialised machinery and the application of exhaustive quality controls that guarantee the correct performance of the fabric under water. We have been producing swimwear textiles for over 65 years and we have the knowledge, equipment and machinery required to offer a highly technical product, which includes fabric design and production as well as manufacturing.

As a high quality textile supplier, we produce and design plain and patterned swimwear fabrics that follow the latest trends and that we adapt to the specific requests of each brand.

Intimate & Shapewear

We have a team with many years of experience in the intimate fabrics sector that is highly qualified, capable of developing specific, technical lingerie and compression fabrics and garments.

Our circular (from 28 GG to 44 GG) and warp knitting machines (raschel, ketten and simplex) allow us to produce a wide variety of fabrics that are practically “made to measure”, and with the characteristics that each client is looking for: plain, printed, with a knitted stitch, with structure or high compression.


In our Medical Division, we offer the perfect balance between support and comfort. We have a long expertise in the creation of highly technical compression fabrics, which allow us to guarantee the highest quality standards in medical fabrics industry.

Thanks to our technological capacity, we offer solutions that provide medical fabrics with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Among other characteristics, our garments can help to delay and prevent certain medical procedures, to correct orthopaedic and postural problems or even to reduce postpartum and postoperative recovery time.

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