What makes us different?

As fabric supplier and garment manufacturer, we vertically integrate the different areas of the production process in a single company. We develop the creation and design of the fabric, its sustainable dyeing and manufacturing, the exhaustive quality control, as well as the operational and logistical management of delivering the garments.

Thanks to the creation of synergies between departments such as R&D, creative design and operations, we are able to offer the client stability and convenience, as they only need to have a single point of contact for all the garment creation processes.

From start to finish:
from the creative process
to making the garment


R&D, design, prototyping, pattern making, production, quality control, sales, logistics: we have decided to manage all stages of the textile value chain, from the creative process to the making of the garment, vertically integrating each of these processes into a single business.

We offer a tailor-made service for each brand, adapting to its specific characteristics and set requirements. This is an ambitious proposal that allows us to say that we are more than a high quality fabrics supplier and clothing manufacturer, we are a true partner.

Each brand can choose the service that best suits their needs: whether they decide to include our full package, with the entire fabric design and creation as well as the garment manufacturing services, or use them independently.


Working as high-quality manufacturer and textile supplier for the best fashion brands requires to pursue excellence at all levels: technology, design, production, sustainability, professional talent and exhaustive quality control.

The heritage of our craftsmanship and know-how together with constant innovations in R&D allows us to produce innovative garments of the highest quality with perfect finishes.


The challenge
of continuous


After more than 65 years creating fabrics, we continue to believe in constant innovation and development. We push ahead in the search for new technologies to work with fibres and fabrics with a higher performance that are also more sustainable.

We are committed to the development of new fabrics made from natural fibres and the use of recycled and recyclable fabrics in the manufacture of garments. We also focus on textile innovation projects that have an impact on the protection of health and athletic performance, developing new sports and medical fabrics. The P&H Shield and Play the Best projects aimed at developing new fabrics for high-level technical sports are a good example of this approach.

Textile design

We continue to create new collections of exclusive plain or patterned fabrics, with a knitted stitch or with structure, that will set the upcoming trends.

Whatever you can imagine in fabric or in knitwear and stretch fibres, we can make it happen. To do so, we have a great team of professionals capable of making, for example, 3D models and prototypes in just 24 hours so that clients can see the design of the garment with the greatest speed, precision and efficiency.

If you can imagine it,
we can make it
come true

our must
precious luxury


We offer our clients designs and products created in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. Our vertical production system contributes to this, which allows us to trace and control the origin of the raw materials, as well as the working conditions in which they are treated. In this way, we are able to create products with a smaller environmental footprint and greater social awareness.

Thanks to our sustainability and social responsibility policies, backed by certifications from authorised institutions and exhaustive quality controls, we are approved suppliers for the leading international fashion groups.