Reinventing the textile industry
through innovation and sustainability

As a high quality and sustainable fabric supplier and producer, we are one of the leading companies in the textile sector in the creation of elastic fabrics and the manufacture of garments.

We offer a customised and tailored system that vertically integrates all phases of the production process, from the design of the fabric to the manufacture of the garment. We combine our craftsmanship and know-how from over 65 years of experience with continuous innovation. The goal is to create more sustainable, effective products that are adapted to contemporary trends and lifestyles within our specialties: fabric producers, as well as both cut and sew and seamless garment manufacturers.


At Nextil Group we have our own three production centres located in Portugal, Guatemala, and the United States, in which we produce fabrics and manufacture garments for luxury, technical sports, intimate, swimwear and medical brands, offering our clients a wide range of possibilities.
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Factories in Spain, Portugal and the United States
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We have accompanied many fashion brands over long periods of time, building a history of shared progress and growth as a high quality and sustainable fabrics supplier leader in fabric creation, luxury garment production, and sustainable dyeing.

Our origins date back to 1954, when Dogi opened the first factory in El Masnou, Barcelona. Since then, other renowned brands have joined the project and have contributed all their experience and know-how: SICI93, Playvest, Greendyes, EFA, RITEX, QTT, TREISS and Anna Llop.

Today, as a consolidated business group, we continue to innovate and improve to become more sustainable and achieve the highest quality fabrics and garments in the textile industry.


As a leading textile supplier, our mission is to offer fabrics and garments within the luxury, technical sports, intimate, swimwear and medical industries whose design, quality and sustainability make them unique, maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and the people who work with us. We provide a personalised service with rigorous attention to detail in the production process, always adapting it to the specific requirements of the client and strictly complying with deadlines. All of this is done with the aim of continuing to lead the transformation of the textile industry.

Big challenges, a single team

The best way to achieve our goals and ambitions is by surrounding ourselves with the best team. Our human capital is the most valuable asset we have. Each professional collaborates and works together, bringing their specialities to the table, making it possible for us to carry out the projects we are involved in, in addition to facing the challenges that arise at organisational level.