Innovation and creativity
in the fabric

As fabrics suppliers, our work involves all the phases of fabric design and creation. We buy the yarn, we design the weft, the patterns, the textures, and we can also carry out 100% sustainable dyeing with our Greendyes™ system. In addition, in our European and American factories we have circular knitting machines of up to 44 gauges, and warp knitting machine that allow us to make all kinds of fabrics jacquards, meshes, rib, lurex, stripes, simplex, spacer, as well as highly compression textiles.

We serve both external fabric buyers as well as clients from other Nextil Group divisions who decide to make their garments with us.

Garment manufacturing

The world’s leading luxury brands trust us with their business because they value our know-how, craftsmanship and finishes, as well as the guidance and advice we offer, whatever the technical challenge they present us with. Our strong focus on luxury jersey, t-shirts and sweatshirts manufacturing in our in-house Portuguese facilities has given us strong expertise on fashion apparel production.

We follow both the conventional cut & sew production method as well as the seamless technique. As seamless producers and manufacturers, we have a unique weaving technology that uses specific circular looms, that allows us to develop comfortable and resistant garments that perfectly adapt to the body. We have extensive experience in both techniques, and we have a great team of fully specialised professionals for each of the processes that we carry out.