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Our Group is one of the world's largest knitted and elastic fashion fabric manufacturers, covering everything from fabric design to the final garment.


About us

We have come a long way since 1954, when we opened our first factory in El Masnou, Barcelona, up to the current one listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Our parameters have changed over the course of all these years, and the main fashion brands have accompanied us on this path, always with the aim of making fashion accessible to the largest number of people.

We are an industrial group with 3 of our own factories in Europe and the US, as well as factories in Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal and Cambodia under partnerships. We have a commercial presence in all five continents, supporting the world's main fashion companies in the areas of fast fashion, swimwear, sportswear and lingerie.


our brands

La gestión está centralizada, de manera que NEXTIL integra verticalmente en una sola compañía: diseño, técnica, patronaje, producción, logística, comercial e I+D, como la mejor opción para hacer accesible las últimas tendencias del mundo de la moda al gran público.

Our group encompasses eight brands:

Our management is centralised, so NEXTIL integrates everything related to design, technique, garment pattern, production, logistics, sales and R&D vertically into a single company, as the best way to make the latest fashion trends accessible to the widest possible public.

Prints for swimwear

We create exclusive designs based on elastic fabrics and accessories for women's, men's and children's swimwear. We have positioned ourselves internationally thanks to years of experience in the sector and the continuous research of trends, innovation of materials and design.

We mark the difference among our competitors specializing in color, which is the key to the success of our print collection.

Weaving for the manufacture of Fast Fashion

QTT designs and produces a wide range of articles for fast fashion, both in knitted and woven fabrics, such as plain, plush, tricots and striped, in a wide variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, polyamide, wool, viscose and metallic threads.

Having our own R&D&i plant allows us to anticipate the needs of the market and our customers. QTT believes in evolution, which is why we are constantly investing in our R&D&i plant located at our headquarters, where we have extensive equipment for weaving, dyeing and conventional and digital stamping.

Intimate and technical textiles

DOGI produces collections based on constant innovations that define milestones in the world of fabric for intimate apparel.

The industrial capacity of DOGI allows it to develop swimwear fabrics for the rest of the Nextil Group brands. Increasingly, swimwear and sportswear are ceasing to be complementary items to become a style of their own.

The swimsuit is not only a functional garment, but a way of dressing, and when it comes to  the fabric, this means large doses of creativity, a variety of structures and an understanding of fashion criteria.

As regards sportswear, it is important to adapt the fabrics to the needs of the sport, with fabrics that are resistant, comfortable and practical, while also allowing maximum breathability and greater elasticity.

Prints for sportswear and swimwear

Ritex 2002 specialises in high-quality knitted fabrics, both polyamide and polyester, in solid and printed colours. We offer a wide range of fabrics for swimwear, ready-to-wear and sportswear with grammages from 75 to 230 g/m2 and elastane contents from 5% to 40%.

Our collections of prints and textured items are defined by the latest trends in the world of fashion, as our team of designers is constantly creating new prints with stunning colours, designs and textures, including jacquards, crepes, voiles, lace, embossed and laminated fabrics.

Intimate and technical textiles

Founded in 1967, Elastic Fabrics of America is the premier global supplier of warp knitted and circular knitted elastomeric fabrics, bringing quality, service and innovation to the intimate apparel, athleticwear, swimwear, sportswear and medical/industrial markets.

As a fully vertical supplier, we provide superior customer satisfaction with a focus on excellence throughout our organisation, incorporating responsiveness, reliability and flexibility into everything we do.

Our mission is to grow by providing our customers with products and services that allow them to be more competitive.

Sourcing for high-end market

We are a high quality Portuguese manufacturer of knitted fashion wear specially targeted to the high-end market, working closely and effectively with some of the most prestigious fashion companies and designers in the world.

Forerunners in the textile industry, our vision is the people and know-how that allows your success: premium garments, on-time delivery and unparalleled service.

For over 20 years we have demonstrated a strong resilience, dedication, determination and thankfully outstanding growth and success. It is our commitment to continue giving our best in future challenges and new opportunities.

Seamless garment manufacturers

We are a Portuguese manufacturer of underwear (men functional underwear; maternity and nursing lingerie that include  shape-wear as well as maternity accessories), sportswear and outerwear, all produced in seamless jacquard looms.

Since 1993 we have been working close and directly with some of the greatest companies and names of international fashion segment.

Our main aims: cooperation, teamwork, creativity, styling, flexibility, innovations and service that all together allow a business model in which the products focus is entirely on its customers.

Sourcing for Fast Fashion

Géneros Punto Treiss is a company dedicated to the design, pattern making and production of knitwear and woven garments for the world of fast fashion.

We have a design team made up of highly qualified professionals that uses the latest technologies to generate state-of-the-art design, pattern design, fabric engineering and garment production, with the aim of offering finished products to the world's leading fast fashion clients.

We have our own sewing team, which is backed up by our partner factories in Morocco, Turkey and Cambodia, where we have our own staff and offices.




The DOGI and EFA brands are world leaders in the world of elastic fabric for intimate apparel, serving their articles on all continents.

Swimwear and Sportwear

RITEX is the brand specialised in the design of prints and textiles for the world of swimwear and technical sportswear fabrics.

Its synergies with EFA and DOGI are evident, as they all form part of a single supply chain.


QTT is the brand focused on the design and manufacture of knitwear for major fashion brands and their suppliers, with a sharp focus on the efficient management of resources and the development of fabrics according to the principles of Cradle-to-Cradle.

TREISS is the brand that handle is the brand that handles designs, garment patterns and garment production in the fast fashion, swimwear and sportswear markets for the world's leading brands.


value proposal

We work to generate value by inspiring ourselves in nature

We offer our clients designs and products created in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

We manage all the links in the supply chain, from the creative process of designing garments and fabrics, to the weaving, dyeing, finishing and sewing.

This verticalization allows us to reduce any negative impact on nature right from the start, creating products with the lowest possible environmental impact.



our presence




Around 500 workers


More than 100 large multinational suppliers


More than 500 clients from among leading fashion design and manufacturing brands